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COURT ORDER! Ur accused of crawling into my HEART,& hijacking
my smiles with your care.Hw du plead? GUILTY! U R sentenced
2 b MY Better Half 4-LIFE-no bail!
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U may meEt ppL beTta deN me,
fuNnieR deN mE,
moRe loVely deN me,
buT thiNg i caN saY to U,
i wiLL alwAys be heRe wheN deY aLL leAve u..
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I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared
to the ones in your eyes!
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Love is like the seeds of life,
To root is full of pain and strife.
But to grow it"s like a great Oak tree,
Straight and strong for eternity.
Love is what I offer you,
Steadfast, calm and oh, so true!
Love is life between two who shares,
A life between two who really cares.
Love is ours, if you agree,
To spend your life with me!
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whenever i want to see u,
i"ll just close my eyes,
if god decides to take u away from me
then i"ll ask god to close my eyes forever..........
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I m feeling so happy, do u know why?
cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know what?
its YOU my love
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Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring.
So dream hope and love...Makes Life Beautiful
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