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Letter after F + Half of 8 + shadow of q + opposite of d+ Letter before M + Middle of SEA + 2 into 19th letter + end of YOU Answer: GOD BLESS U
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Shadi se pehle dulhan ka baap dulhe ko kya deta hai ? Jo shadi k baad wapas leta hai.......? I am waiting for answer if u r genious.... Baap apna naam wapis laita hai bcoz wife husband k name apnay saath use karti hai :)
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Purane zmane me 1baba ji bachi or 1bakri k sath ja rhe thy.rasty me 1admi ne unse 3 swal poche. 1:apki umr kitni hy? 2:is bchi se apka kia rishta hy? 3:is bakri ki kia qimat hy? Baba ji ne sirf 1lafz kaha or un sb swalo ka jwab de diya.. Btaiye wo lafz kia tha?reply mUST. Ans>> Nawasi(89)
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I can sizzle like bacon, I have plenty of backbone, But lack a good leg, I am made with an egg, I peel layers like onions, But still remain whole, I can be long like a flagpole, Yet fit in a hole. What am I? . . . . . Answer is : a snake
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What is it that when you take away the whole and still have some left. You can take away some and still have the whole left. any idea what is this ... . . . . . .. . Answer: The word "Wholesome"
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I have many feathers to help me fly I have a body & head, but i am not alive It is your strength which determines how far i go. You can hold me in your hand, but i am never thrown. What am i? . . . . . . Answers is : an arrow .
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Im a 7 letter CITY 234 is a bird 61 is cool 1274 is a part of the face 4713 is a way of saying good Answer: CHENNAI
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