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MUTH marne ke 11 Faayde 1:- Self Reliance 2:- Time Convience 3:- Prevention of Crime 4:- Mental Choice of Lady 5:- No Risks of AIDS 6:- No Special place Requirement 7:- No Wastage of Cash 8:- Easy to Perform 9:- No fear of early ejaculation 10:- Guranteed Satisfaction 11:- No Risk of Being Caught So moral is Badnammi de Phuddi naalon izzat de Muth Changi hai
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Woh aaye meri kabar pe, chal diye moot ke, chalo isi bahane darshan hogaye chut ke, badi thi uski chut pan bhenchod ab kya fayda jab hum ban gaye bhoot!
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Met a gorgeous whore today. Says she charges by the Inch. I can't afford her, but she'd be a cheap fuck for you...!!
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3 good manners of male penis. 1) Courteous- it stands before performing. 2) Emotional- it cries during the performance. 3) Polite- it bows down after the performance
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10 10=Bees, le mere lund ki Kiss Bis Bis=Chalis, kar mere lund ki maalish Chalis Chalis=Assi, pee mere lund ki lassi Assi Assi=Ekso Saath, Le mera lund chat
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Machhar ne apko kaata wo uska junun tha, Apne khuja liya usme apka sukun tha, Chah kar bhi apne usse nahi maara, kyun ki uski ragon me bhi apka khoon tha!
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Apke sar pe sing hai kya? Check it Make sure No? R U Sure? pakka? Sir par hath laga ke dekha? Never mind. Gadhon ke bhi nahi hote!
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